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by Rob Seeman official blogger of the health food movement

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Whole Earth Radio Episode 3

So you say you want a revolution? The battle for the heart and soul of natural living rages on.  Which side are you on and which side will you choose?  The ensuing battle isn’t just about how we SHOP, it is about how we LIVE – and in result about the fate of our PLANET.  What more important revolution could there possibly be? All right! All right!

Listen to Whole Earth Radio now :


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Super Hemp CBD and blog update

Hey there folks! Just a quick update to let you know we’re having a big sale on Super Hemp CBD over at The Hemp Movement for just the next couple of days.  Your chance to get the highest potency Super Hemp CBD Extra Strength capsules and our regular strength liquid.

Also, as mentioned in the above video, this blog is going to be morphing into something else – so stay tuned for that!

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Alkalize 55 : Honoring a founding father of Macrobiotics

December 28, 2014 the world lost one of the founding fathers of Macrobiotics (a system of plant-based eating based on promoting balance within the body) in Dr. Michio Kushi.  Dr. Kushi will forever be remembered as someone who worked hard to leave the world a better place than he found it.  Learn about his work with the Kushi Institute here. Truly an astounding and impressive legacy for his family, friends, students and admirers to consider.  Along with his wife Aveline, and many supporters, he truly made a lasting impact on the worldwide natural health movement.


While he was still alive, Dr Kushi’s work on fermented foods helped lead to the development of the supplement Alkalize 55.  All of us at the Food Movement are very proud to continue to honor his legacy with his unique combination of biodynamic fermented foods preB.

In keeping with his important work on macrobiotics, preB is made from 55 biodynamically grown foods which are triple-fermented in a unique process. All of the foods are grown on the Diemeter-certified Anew farm in Brazil.  The Food Movement combines these with unique humic fulvate trace minerals to activate this truly dynamic formula for promoting pH balance within the body.


To learn more about Dr. Kushi’s work and the principles behind Alkalize 55 in under 2 minutes, check out this interesting video. Do all that you can to start leading a great life today!  Thank you Dr. Kushi for all of your amazing work.


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The Movement Awakens

I haven’t written much here lately, as it has proved to be a busier year than I could have previously imagined.  The Central Midwest (and indeed the entire US!) is seeing some tremendous growth in natural markets and we’re all thankful for this continued progress in bringing people healthy and organic food and supplements.WEMLacuma

Lucuma by Marika Malkerson for the food movement co. 2015

The Food Movement has seen some tremendous growth this year, but I mostly wanted to give a shoutout to artist Marika Malkerson who has done lots of fantastic botanical artwork for us.  The image of super fruit Lucuma is just one example of her tremendous contribution and her husband is an amazing emcee as well!  You can expect to see this on THM’s Hempfit Vanilla Lucuma protein coming very soon.

I have a huge backlog of research to write about, and I’m promising myself to delve into that in 2016.  Until then – eat better, feel better and leave the world a better place than you found it.  Happy Holidays to all – regardless of your faith (or lack thereof).  We all have much to be grateful for.


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Obama proposal ends FDA’s authority over dietary supplements


Stop the press! Under a new proposal put forth by the Obama administration this week

“The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) could stand to lose all of its authority to regulate food products, potentially including dietary supplements….”

Wow! Talk about a game changer. Or should I say – POTENTIAL game changer.  More to be revealed….

RAPS on Obama’s new proposal

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CBD now available as a dietary supplement : the Hemp Movement

I have to tell you folks, today is a good day.  Because I can officially announce to you that CBD (cannabidiol) from Hemp is now available to health food stores as a dietary supplement.  The Food Movement is just unveiling its brand new product Super Hemp CBD for sale into the health food store market, and even has its own brand new Facebook page.  As we line up our very first customer – we have reason to think there may be a very special guest on hand to purchase the first bottle. But more on that to come!


TFM Super Hemp CBD

Because the Food Movement only works with top-level GMP compliant vetted suppliers, there had to be some thorough research done to ensure that a properly quality-controlled and legal product could be made.  Thanks to our friend Stuart Tomc (formerly with Nordic Naturals fish oils) the current Vice-President of Human Nutrition at CannaVest, we have been able to do just that.

What can I tell you about CBD? I can tell you that in the UK they fear they will have to wait years and years for their version of Pharma to make it available despite positive human clinical trials for various health conditions.  In the US, it has been somewhat conflated with the medical marijuana issue, as pot does contain CBD, as well as the psychoactive CBD.  Super Hemp CBD, made with CannaVest’s CBD Plus oil is groundbreaking because it has 0% THC.  Or, as the National Cancer institute website notes “CBD, in particular, is thought to have significant analgesic and anti-inflammatory activity without the psychoactive effect (high) of delta-9-THC.”

There are a lot of very beneficial dietary supplements on the market today, but CBD is hands down one of the most exciting to come across in years.  The Hemp Movement has finally been able to win this (no small) victory in making Super Hemp CBD available to the general public without a prescription or without legal concerns raised by marijuana.

On a sobering DSHEA-compliant note, the double-edge sword of the dietary supplement market is that we can market natural products, but very often the view is taken that we can’t SAY very much without being accused of making illegal health claims or misbranding a therapeutic drug as a dietary supplement.  It is hard to argue with ANY tact that makes valuable natural medicine available to folks such as those suffering from pediatric seizure disorders.  So, the Hemp Movement lives to fight another day as we give consumers more options to access beneficial substances which may support the structure and function of their human body, which is a natural healer all in itself.

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A brief explanation of Alkalize 55 : fermented foods, alkalinity and cell function within the human body

After selling completely out of Alkalize 55 numerous times, the Food Movement is able to make this amazing food-based supplement available again.  The combination of powerful bioactive minerals, fulvic acid, humic acid and the 55 triple-fermented foods selected by Dr Michio Kushi, all mean a charge of good energy for your body. 

You can also check out the Alkalize 55 plant-based fermented food community on Facebook