Support Your Local Health Foods Store!

Are you tired of Whole Amazon – tired of paying too much for a diminishing selection of natural items? Tired of seeing small businesses go under in this increasingly multinational economy?

local health foo s

A great way to start making a difference in your own health, as well as the health of your local independent economy, is to support you local health food store.  I’ll be talking about this more on the next episode of my podcast Whole Earth Radio as well.

I’ve been working in the natural products industry for about 23 years, and living in the Chicago area for about 18.  I’m really lucky that in the Chicago area we have great stores like Fruitful Yield, Southtown Health Foods, Life Spring Health Foods, and the wonderful Midwest natural foods market Fresh Thyme Farmers Market (check out their supplement selection – totally legit with a great selection of CBD!).

There are so many reasons to support your local stores – JOBS! Number one. Jobs of people you may actually KNOW, and can certainly TALK TO in person. REAL people! That’s one thing you DO NOT get with Amazon my friends.

One more thing I’ll leave you with my friends — if you haven’t read this book, it certainly applies to ALL kinds of local retail. And local business.  Support them when you have a choice.  If you don’t, none of us may have a choice in the future.

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