About the Blog

Botanical Nutrition is a blog by long-time naturalist Rob Seeman. First of all, Rob Seeman is flattered that you’re reading about him. It is nice to know that people care, even if you never will actually know unless they tell you. (We don’t track your viewing, we’re not GOOGLE or something like that…) At any rate Botanical Nutrition is a blog for discussion of natural medicine and it’s connection to food. My name is Rob and since about 2001 I have operated Whole Earth Marketing based in the Chicago, Illinois suburbs, and have been involved in the health food business for over 20 years. If you’re interested in these topics feel free to email me at robseeman@gmail.com – thanks and may the Force be with you!

\Rob Seeman

2 responses to “About the Blog”

  1. Great Blog Rob. Sign me up.

    1. Thanks Jacque! Great to hear from you. Be well!

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