The scientific and traditional origins of Black Earth Silver : from ancient paleolakes to the health food store and a “new” and improved colloidal silver

Khar Lake (Ulaagchin’s Black Lake), located in the Zavkhan province of Mongolia, is rich in humic acid, colloidal silver and many other minerals and has been used for healing for ages.

The Food Movement Company is an eco-conscious bioactive food supplement manufacturer in the U.S. that has brought many unique products to market, as well as helping to serve many great causes as part of their food movement mission.

One of the totally unique products they began selling to natural health practitioners (and eventually important community health food stores) is called Black Earth Silver – a unique combination of humic fulvic minerals and nano-colloidal silver.

Black Earth Silver from the Food Movement, a combination of humic fulvic minerals and
nanocolloidal silver

But the research on the efficacy of such a combination actually has roots in the ancient traditions of Mongolia and their humic-mineral rich healing mud in areas such as the “Black Lake” of Ulaagchin, Khar Lake in the Zavkahn province. A remnant of the ancient ‘paleolakes’ from thousands of years ago, the lake has been found to contain high levels of Humic Acid and associated trace minerals.

Because of its high levels of unique black minerals this lake has been used for centuries as a source of healing compounds. In recent years, Mongolian and Russian scientific researchers have had the advanced idea of combining these black humic minerals with nano-colloidal silver for enhanced effects.

In 2012 a study was published in Mongolian Journal of Chemistry, based on analysis of a type of HA (Humic Acid) rich organic matter known as “Mongolian healing mud”.  The researchers wrote “The resultant  HA/Ag (silver)  hybrid composite  could  be  essential  to  improve  the properties of HA  preparations because of Ag’s antibacterial  properties  and  the  enhanced solubility of the product”

            In 2016, researchers from the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Mongolian Academy of Sciences published a study called “A New Humic Acid Preparation with Addition of Silver Nanoparticles”.[1] 

            The researchers concluded “Aggregate resistant of colloidal system is defined by several parameters including small particles solvation and repulsion of electrical statistic force. It is certain that HA (Humic Acid) polyanions in aqueous solution react with positively charged Ag (Silver). This interaction could result in coagulation of the system. However, the colloid system was stable in the given ratios ofHA:Ag. This showed that HA functional groups occupy all possible coordination positions on the surface of metal nanoparticles. HA associates to the nanoparticle surface and increases the hydrophilic character of products; this will sustain its stability in aqueous solution.”

            This explains, in part, the interaction between Humic Acid and Silver in solution.  The Humic Acid and Silver nanoparticles combine in a stable way allowing them both to stay in solution, and the unique benefits of this mineral combination.

[1] Alexandrova, G.P. et al TY A New Humic Acid Preparation with Addition of Silver Nanoparticles

DO  – 10.1007/978-94-007-5634-2_142 JO  – Functions of Natural Organic Matter in Changing Environment

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