Cellular Nutrition from Black Earth Minerals

         The earliest scientific proof of the important benefits of humates have been attributed to a Ukrainian scientist from Kherson State University who did the first experiments in middle of the 20th century showing that a liquid solution of salts from humic acids (including, one might infer, fulvic acid which had not been isolated) when added to plants “considerably  increased  their  growth  and  developed a much  stronger  root system”[1]

         What, one might ask, do plants and animals have in common? Cells.

Plant Cells vs. Animal Cells: Compare & Contrast! - YouTube

Humic and fulvic acid have the unique ability to bring nutrients into the cells of both plants and animals, as has been more recently discovered.  The fact that they naturally occur alongside over 70 natural trace minerals which they have the unique ability to transport is nothing coincidental.

         Scientists have believed, as they often do in the modern world, that isolating humic and fulvic acid increases their potency.  What they often miss with this approach are the complex inter-relations in organic matter.

         Black Earth Minerals are products that are produced in a safe and effective form for human ingestion.  Third party testing by the Food Movement Company provides validation that the absence of biological (bacterial) as well as heavy metal contaminants are not an issue to users.

[1] Anonymous internet, https://nanopdf.com/download/humates-and-humic-acids-simplici-tea_pdf

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