What are bioactive dietary supplements?

When it comes to nutritional supplements like herbs, vitamins or super foods – you hear a lot of terms thrown around.  So what does the food movement mean when it says that it sells ‘bioactive dietary supplements’?


In part, it means that the form the supplements in question are in is a form that can be readily used by the body for maximum benefit.  Take for example vitamin D.  This essential vitamin is available in more than one form, but in published research only D3 (cholecalciferol) shows consistently beneficial and usable levels in the human body.

The Food Movement was one of the first companies to sell plant-based cholecalciferol in the US health food store market.

But cholecalciferol is just one type of bioactive nutrient.  Ultra trace minerals from natural organic matter (humates) are another type of bioactive nutrient the Food Movement sells – making a broad spectrum of minerals available to the body is a very usable and absorbable form.  Being bound to fulvic acid (a form of humic acid) and a host of mineral co-factors makes these compounds very bioactive in the body.

The Food Movement has also developed a number of products which are supplements made from a combination of super foods and fulvic minerals.  Alkalize 55 is made from triple-fermented foods and humic fulvic minerals, while a new combination of minerals and organic Pomegranate is coming very soon.

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