Fermented foods and black earth minerals for a healthy microbiome : Alkalize 55

Probiotics are a well-researched part of a natural health regimen. Due to their increased popularity, they are now being added to everything from snack foods to protein supplements.

Do you realize, of just as great, if not even greater, significance to the health of the microbiome – are whole foods? Probiotics are one part of a healthy micro-biome, but to do their job in the gut they also require fiber from food, and also micronutrients from foods as well as supplements to fill in the gaps in our intake (which studies show can be substantial!). More and more health experts are realizing that we need to reach even further to grasp the true nature of balance in the human microbiome.

Post-biotic metabolites from fermented foods can be key. Fermentation happens in our gut with proper bacterial balance and the presence of key nutrients and co-factors. An important strategy is to give our body the needed building blocks.

In the Mind-Gut Connection, author Emeran Mayer, MD explores some of these ideas surrounding the discoveries about the human microbiome. In the book the Dr. recounts some of his specifc experience helping individuals deal with digestive and systemic health problems using whole foods, probiotics, and post-biotic metabolites.

Alkalize 55 contains unique post-biotic metabolites that can have a profound effect on human health.* Alkalize 55 is made from 55 triple-fermented biodynamically grown foods formulated by the late Dr. Michio Kushi, and over 70 ultra trace minerals bound to black earth humic and fulvic acid. The combination is a powerhouse of whole food fermented plant and mineral nutrition to help rebuild your body from the inside.*

*These statements have not evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to prevent or treat disease.

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