ONE MACA – rainbow of super food nutrition *exclusive* to your local health food store – and here’s why!

ONE MACA is here – the Food Movement brings you a rainbow of organic Maca root from Peru. What is the story behind this blend?

When the Food Movement began 8 long years ago, we started importing organic red and black Maca, specific super food ecotypes American consumers had not often seen. Our success since that time has been based on partnering with brick-and-mortar independent stores.

As always, the Food Movement gives part of our profits to worthy activist groups (aka charities). One of the most important by far that we partner with is Peace Possible. This is a movement, not a cult or an organization – we are people rationally speaking our mind and acting on the values we are called upon by our creator to share, just as the founding fathers of this great country were.

Now, we are proud to finally offer a virtual “no-brainer” – a combination blend of equal parts red, black and yellow organic Maca root grown and traditionally sun-dried in Peru.

To celebrate our partnership with health food stores, we will be offering our a smaller 8 oz jar exclusively in health food stores.

One World. One Love. One Maca.

The reason – we want people to come into their health food stores as we all did in this movement, as younger people, to be part of a community. Talk to the people that work there, experience the other products. Think about your food choices. Talk about the world.

If you want to know about some of the science behind Maca, and the difference in the colors or ecotypes, you can check out this post I wrote in the “old days” of 2013 lol…

One note – when you combine the colors of Maca – you get the colors that Steel Pulse sang about, “Rally round the flag – rally round the red, gold black and green” (The green is the tops of the plants). It is nice imagery, and gives us all a nice feeling, as Maca does. And energy to fight the good fight. Be blessed, and be kind.

One Love. One Heart. One Maca.

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