How can fermented foods and ultra trace mineral compounds alkalize your body?

In natural health in general, and whole food approaches in particular, one idea is that “more is not always better.” That is to say, there is an upper limit for most things – although with food it often comes down to total macronutrients rather than micronutrients.  Alkalize 55, the unique dietary supplement developed in part by Dr Michio Kushi and the Food Movement/Medicatrix consortium, combines 55 different fermented biodynamic whole foods with over 70 ultra trace minerals from the Earth.

55 foods

So in this case – the “more” is not in terms of the amount of any ONE nutrient – rather, it is in the extremely broad range of phytonutrients and organic minerals.  The trace minerals and fermented food nutrients work together to help synergistically balance your body, pH as well as in other areas such as energy and stress.

ALKALIZE 55 small thumb


I wrote about the 55 different fermented foods in ALKALIZE 55 in a previous edition of the blog.  Dr Kushi was genius in his predictions of whole food medicine, and in partnering with the Anew biodynamic (dmeter certified, no less) farm in Brazil, he truly helped make ALKALIZE 55 a unique product.

I’ll be writing more about the science of alkalizing your body through fermented foods and mineral micornutrients, so check back and check #alkalize55 for more info.

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