Natural cardiologist recommends Alkalize 55 to reverse heart disease

Let’s put this right up front – there is no one miracle cure to prevent or reverse heart disease, or really any disease.

So when world-renowned NMD cardiologist Dr. Decker Weiss says “That’s the secret guys – get alkaline!” what is he really saying? He’s telling you that body is a natural healer – IF we give it the right nutrients and maintain the right balance in our bodies.  Diet and lifestyle are not just tools for health, they are the natural means of keeping our bodies in balance.

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Dr. Weiss also recommends Alkalize 55, a unique nutritional supplement made by the Food Movement, to help maintain the crucial acid-alkaline balance.  Alkalize 55 is a blend of two main components 1) a prebiotic triple-fermented dmeter-certfiied biodynamic foods formulated by macrobiotic legend Dr Michio Kushi and 2)a complex black mineral extract containg humic acid, fluvic acid and over 80 ultra trace mineral elements.  There is no other formula this unique, and this effective in helping the body achieve homeostasis.

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Click the above image to find out more about Alkalize 55.

I’ve previously written quite a bit about Alkalize 55, as I’m quite proud of this formula our collective efforts have produced.  Think of it as a combination of the benefits of Willard Water, combined with a micro dose of a macrobiotic plate of many colors.  Made with foods biodynamically grown in the paradise known as Brazil, on the Anew farm.

One of the single most interesting components of the Whole Earth Mineral blend in Alkalize 55  is fulvic acid which is also recommended by noted medical expert Dr Josh Axe for a wide variety of health issues.

In the coming weeks, I’ll be talking more about alkalinity and how to achieve it.  I’m lucky enough to have acquired a wealth of information from Dr Michio Kushi and others in the macrobiotic movement during my time as a book/supplement buyer at the legendary Doug Brendle‘s Natural Health Superstore in Winston-Salem, NC, now doing business as A&S Health Foods, the brainchild of another SouthEastern retail legend, Mr Bill Grady.

Me, personally, I’m a free-thinker, raised by a single-mother PhD psychologist.  I think the way that we can best achieve the best of our human potential is to A) tap into the power of nature that surrounds us and B) always use critical thinking.  In this case, my critical thinking led me to formulate Alkalize 55 from two of the most powerful natural complexes in the toolbox.

Once sold exclusively in Doctor’s offices through Medicatrix Naturae, the Food Movement has taken on the mission of selling this fascinating healing complex in health food stores around the country.  While online sales are a reality in the modern world, health food stores also serve as community centers for natural health information.

If you are unable to get to a local health food store you can purchase Alkalize 55 from the Food Movement here.


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