The Mycelium Abides

Shameless plug : in addition to this blog (in which I post anything but regularly) I also irregularly run a podcast called Whole Earth Radio. You can find us anywhere you find podcasts, but I wanted to make this post to mention an upcoming interview I did with Tom Dadant aka the Herbal Storyteller aka national educator for Host Defense mushrooms.

Here’s a link to a brief clip, which highlights Tom’s interesting assertion that The Mycelium Abides and serves as a bit of a prelude to the upcoming new episode of Whole Earth Radio the podcast.

I first met Tom when he was the educator for Planetary Herbals. During that time we worked together on a number of herbwalks at Chicago Botanic Gardens – here’s a fun clip from one of those back in the day!

And really – if you haven’t seen it yet, what are you waiting for? Get on Netflix and check out Fantastic Fungi highlighting the amazing work of Paul Stamets and Louis Schwartzburg.

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