Who thought of that? Looking back at the original Garden Burger

I’m a food geek, I’ll admit it.  And all food geeks have fetishes. Mine is veggie burgers. I’m no longer strictly vegan (sorry internet!) but lately Impossible and Beyond burgers have been my weakness. (Stay tuned for really cool innovations from the Food Movement).


While there have been cool and innovative additions to this category, it is interesting to look back at the original Garden Burger – developed by Paul Wenner in his vegetarian restaurant the Gardenhouse in Gresham, Oregon.

When Gardenburger launched, it essentially created the category of veggie burger.  While it does contain cheese, and was therefore inaccessible to vegans, much as the Moringstar Farms products contained eggs, this was a first in American cuisine. This was the invention of the veggie burger as a commercially viable product!

384941-veggieburgers-gardenburger-original.jpgGardenburger today

In 2012, Wenner launched the Gardenbar, which was documented in The Mail Tribune as Paul Wenner “reinventing himself.”  Paul’s current LinkedIn profile has recently announced”I have a new line of products that I am finishing up this year that will be kicked off with a movie,an informercial, a TV show, and a new book. GardenChef Paul™”

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