Is nano colloidal silver in a humic fulvic mineral base the best thing since sliced bread?

In a word, yes.  However, that may vary greatly with your opinion of sliced bread.  I’m actually partially to a thinly-sliced vegan paleo loaf myself, but I’m admittedly a bit of an odd bird.

Now, the reason you need to know about the new WHOLE EARTH SILVER, marketed by the Food Movement Co. of the great state of Illinois, is that it is precisely what is described in the title of this article.  A nano colloidal silver in a base of humic fulvic minerals, that is, not a loaf of bread.

What is the rationale? You see, colloidal silver is a very popular dietary supplement.  Lots of rumors abound, many of them proven untrue, abound about its use. There are, in fact, large portions of the pharmaceutical industry that want to unfairly spread disinformation about silver products.

Nano silver particles are different than regular colloidal silver.  Colloidal silver is different than toxic homemade silver salts made in a bathtub for Smurf wanna-bes. The key here is differentiating types of products – making sure you have a GMP standard natural product, and also that you are using a safe and effective product.


WHOLE EARTH SILVER is a product made from nano colloidal silver particles, combined with the humic fulvic mineral base WHOLE EARTH MINERALS.  WEM has been used by health practitioners for many years, and has been a popular item in specialty health food stores as well.  The blend of over 70 trace minerals bound to humic and fulvic acid, and contained in pure water, is a great product on its own. Combined with nano particle silver it is a powerhouse of natural health.

As part of the launch of this product, the Food Movement is offering an amazing special that is not likely to be repeated. Here it is – buy one bottle of WHOLE EARTH MINERALS and one bottle of WHOLE EARTH SILVER, together, for just $40.00.  The total suggested retail of these two products is $65.00.  It truly is almost like getting one bottle of either, free.

The reason – to be transparent is packaging updates.  You see the Whole Earth Minerals logo up there? That’s the fresh new look. Now, the old look was great, but we’re looking to move it out the door folks.  Our change is your gain.

w-n 8oz-1We still love Buckminster Fuller and we still love a rainbow gradient fill. But honestly, that was one of our first labels ever and it looks a little cheesy now.  It is best understood in the context of Medicatrix Naturae being the practitioner product line that birthed the Food Movement Co. and Whole Earth Minerals as a health food store product.