Stuart Tomc’s quarantine reading (and viewing) list

Yesterday I helped to make April magically disappear – by having a great conversation with an old friend. Stuart Tomc has been somewhat of a legend in the natural products realm, being a world-renowned speaker and educator for companies like North American Herb & Spice, Nordic Naturals and currently with the market leader in CBD products, Cannavest Sciences Inc (CVSI).

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I’ll be uploading the epic conversation soon – it is nearly 1:40 in length – but first I wanted to create this blog post to index some of the reading and viewing material that came up in our conversation. Stuart is a really eclectic thinker and I always find it interesting to hear what he has been diving into.

We started off talking about the 800 lb gorilla in the room – the current Covid-19 outbreak and subsuquent quarantine. Stuart has been listening to TWiV – this Week in Virology, which has recently become a very popular podcast! I find it very eye-opening, and as much as I am suffering corona-talk burnout, this really gives a great into the science behind the pandemic scene.

Click here for the amazing podcast on — This Week in Virology

Some other recommended reading (and viewing) from Stuart :

David Hoffman and the case against reality

The Ahuman Manifesto

The Art of Living by Epictetus

and he really wanted to make sure I included this video, a recording of a 1950s phonorecord of inspirational thoughts (some would say the birth of the self improvement movement) from Earl Nightingale.

Stay tuned for the full conversation and to here us jawing about the natural medicine scene, the future of food, nutrition, science, philosophy and more.

Here’s to a Healthy and Happy 2013!


I just wanted to take this opportunity to reflect on what an amazing year 2012 has been!  As with every year, there is a lot to be thankful for; many lessons learned and prospects for the future.

I know I have said it many times before, but I continually feel privileged to be able to work in the natural products industry; thanks to all of you for putting up with me! On that same note, I’m equally thankful for good friends and family and for the continued ability to occupy some small space on the exciting party that is Spaceship Earth.

This year has been an exciting one full of exciting projects – and next year promises to just get more exciting!

Chris Kilham, the famed Medicine Hunter, posted the following on his Facebook page today and I thought I’d share it here, as it is as well written as any paraphrased version I could construct. It also sums up the way I feel about many of you.

As this calendar year comes to a close and another readies to open, I’d like to thank all the people who care about the world and about humanity, life on our fragile planet, and the well-being of all. Despite overwhelming odds, indifference, war, greed, hatred, stupidity and venal pursuits, lots of people get up every single day caring about life. To all of you, I salute you and am deeply grateful for your presence and companionship on this small orb. Peace to all.”

Happy New Year’s y’all – see you in 2013. Thanks for continuing to care about life! May God bless you all.