How does nano colloidal humic fulvic silver support digestive health?

Many of you may be familiar with using colloidal silver to support immune health.  It is known as a potent anti-bacterial, in use in medicine for over 100 years.  It was a staple of the Eclectic and Physiomedical physicians of Western natural medicine, or as it was known then, just – medicine.

However, when we examine the importance of a nano colloidal silver compound in a base of humic fulvic minerals, as is presented in the Food Movement’s Whole Earth Silver, we see that there is quite a wide range of potential benefit – and one of the major systems that can be positively impacted is the digestive tract.

Colloidal silver by itself is known as a potent anti-bacterial and anti-viral compound.* Humic fulvic minerals have been demonstrated to have these same properties, but also positively contribute to acid-alkaline balance within the human microbiome.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) it is observed that all health, both good and bad, starts in the gut. This is why modern medicine has increasingly focused on probiotic strains, as well as diet in general as a great predictor of health outcomes.  Taking care of our insides is taking care of our whole self.

Nano colloidal silver in a base of humic fulvic minerals is a great way to support digestive balance.  Taking Whole Earth Silver before meals supports acid-alkaline balance, and helps minimize the body’s susceptibility to infection.*

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Can Zeolite help improve your health through detoxification?

Many health practitioners have sought a nutritional supplement that can aid the body’s natural detoxification processes.  Diet and exercise are key, but one ancient mineral supplement getting a lot of attention is Zeolite.

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The Food Movement’s Black Earth Zeolite is an excellent form of this unique nutrient, providing Zeolite free of heavy metals, and in a base of humic fulvic minerals.  The liquid form is convenient, easy to use, and in many ways superior to the powdered clay Zeolite which can sometimes contain excessive levels of lead and aluminum.*

An article in the journal Nutrition Hospitliaria entitled “Zeolite: “the magic stone”; main nutritional, environmental, experimental and clinical fields of application” researchers noted “The detoxificant role of zeolites is already evident in the agro industrial and in the zoothecnical fields. While the hospital diffusion as a potential coadjutant of toxic chemotherapy appears to be the most relevant clinical use of zeolite. However it is important to de- monstrate that zeolite does not interfere with the ab- sorption of chemotherapy drugs and does not reduce the bioaivalability.”

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Used by many health practitioners with thousands, successfully, we bring this ancient health secret to you with good intentions aiming to help you take your life in a positive direction.  You don’t have to go to a healing retreat to uncover this ancient secret today.



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Can Humic and Fulvic Acid benefit the immune system?

Humic Acid and Fulvic Acid are unique organic compounds found in nature which have shown promise in scientific research regarding the reduction of heavy metals in the environment, in animals, and more recent research suggests that they may also benefit the human immune system.Virus ENVC

Researcher Dr Richard Laub has published new and interesting approaches to examining these benefits through his work with the National Institutes of Health

In a product like Alkalize 55, or Whole Earth Minerals, the unique humic compounds are found along with 70+ trace minerals which may hold the key to hidden mysteries within the cells of the human body as well.  You can see why some of us are greatly interested in combing humic fulvate minerals with foods, based on the cutting edge research currently going on.

Consider this study entitled “Genetic diversity-independent neutralization of pandemic viruses (e.g. HIV), potentially pandemic (e.g. H5N1 strain of influenza) and carcinogenic (e.g. HBV and HCV) viruses and possible agents of bioterrorism (variola) by enveloped virus neutralizing compounds (EVNCs).” and published in the journal Vaccine, which explores combining fulvic acid with pomegranate as an “enveloped virus neutralizing compound”

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