Food Movement to support Peace Possible’s natural medicine mission

The Food Movement Co is an Illinois-based super food/dietary supplement company founded in 2011.  This year marks their first collaboration with a group called Peace Possible headed by Dr. Decker Weiss, a world-renowned activist for human rights, natural health and peace in our lifetime.

I really think this video says it all.  In talking to Decker Weiss, you can rest assured skeptics he is a “true American” in addition to being a natural medicine humanist — part of the focus of his research is using natural medicine research to reduce engagement of American GIs by reducing radicalization. Smart strategy eh?

If, like, the Food Movement and Peace Possible you believe peace really is… possible… stay tuned for more exciting news on these initiatives. Get into it, get involved, stay woke, feed the poor, house refugees and help us used natural foods and medicines to make things better.