Science validates plant-based Omega 3 (EPA) better absorbed than Krill or fish oil

If you have followed any of my writing, you know that one of my primary motivators is environmental sustainability. To be specific, I almost always evaluate food, and consumer products, solutions, etc. based on carbon footprint and other environmental impact factors.

On the other hand, I have been educating for many years on the nutritional benefit of Omega 3 essential fatty acids EPA and DHA (as opposed to shorter chain Omega-3s such as those found in plants like Avocado and Flax). The science is indisputable! You need EPA & DHA.

However, fish oil companies have not always been reputable. Some of those who tout their environmental responsibility the most, have also been found to make false claims about their algae Omega-3, such as falsely claiming that they grow their own algae when it is purchased on the open market from bioscience companies. Can fish oil be truly sustainable? Perhaps – a better question would be – can fish oil EVER BE as sustainable as plant-based (and thoroughly renewable) algae-derived Omega-3.

( Self-promotional sidenote, look to hear this question answered on a future edition of my podcast Whole Earth Radio, dear reader.)

Enter to the marketplace : a plant based Omega 3 that is BETTER absorbed than fish oil or krill oil! Can it be true? A truly sustainable Omega 3 that is BETTER absorbed and even WATER soluble. Be still my beating heart, literally.

It is true my friends, I have put aside many long-standing projects to focus on this one. And it is of great importance to our planet, as well as our health. There is an long-chain Omega 3 derived from algae that is better absorbed than krill, better absorbed than fish triglycerides, because it is a polar lipid.

In a subsequent post, I will talk more about the science. But for now I want you to know that a plant-based Omega 3 can be MUCH better absorbed than fish or krill because it is a polar lipid. A combination of glycolic and phospholipid compounds. It is an exciting scientific development!

Your body is 75% water (or so we estimate) so a water-soluble lipid is 50% better absorbed than fish or krill oil. It is absorbed better because it is being delivered by better carriers (see above video). And it is better for your health!

The arrival of a sustainably-grown plant-based EPA & DHA that is a polar lipid, better absorbed than triglyceride-form or even krill oil, is a great development for the health of people, and of the planet. Otherwise, what are we even doing??

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