WEM offers both cartoon explainers and painfully awkward videos of some dude explaining plant-based health

There are a lot of options on YouTube. Why would you watch a particular channel? Good question.

Whole Earth Media, long a leader in the ‘grass roots natural wellness’ crowd, and also a sales and marketing company with a secret agenda to help the world, has unleashed a flurry of health videos this week.

The Food Movement has unleashed a new flurry of informational videos, which is apparently part of The Secret Menu tour.  One of them features some old white dude talking at LENGTH about how he doesn’t like making YouTube videos.

Looking every bit like a guy who just waited 3 hours in line for Steely Dan tickets, this health dude gives us reason to tune him out – yet remains able to talk at length about health food as if it were the second coming of Pink Floyd. Yet, he reminds us – this is what you get for not watching the Explainer video. Which you can see if you click on the link below. Or just go to http://www.earthburger.info

Earth Burger crowdfunding

Probably the greatest thing about subscribing to the Whole Earth Media YouTube channel is that it is FREE. If you go there you will see at least 2 more explainer videos, and some other hilarious stuff.

If you don’t see the comedy in this, and are just looking for health info. may we suggest you check out Dr. Josh Axe. Or someone else with a corporate sponsor. We (OBVIOUSLY) have to resort to good old comedy, which should warm the cockles of ye little heart. EH?

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