Is the Amazon burning because of American meat consumption?

It is heart breaking. It has dire potential consequences for the entire planet. As news media has so rightly has pointed out – the Amazon is being devastated directly because of American meat consumption. What can we do help the Amazon?

CNN reports “The vast majority of the fires have been set by loggers and ranchers to clear land for cattle. The practice is on the rise, encouraged by Jair Bolsonaro, Brazil’s populist pro-business president, who is backed by the country’s so-called “beef caucus.”

“While this may be business as usual for Brazil’s beef farmers, the rest of the world is looking on in horror.
“So, for those wondering how they could help save the rainforest, known as “the planet’s lungs” for producing about 20% of the world’s oxygen, the answer may be simple. Eat less meat.” also reported on this connection, observing “The fires are caused by burning fallen trees to make way for cattle ranching, a growing industry in Brazil and the wider region. Data from the Institute of Environmental Research in Amazonia (IPAM) show thatthe top ten municipalities in Amazonia with the most fire occurrences also had the biggest deforestation rates this year. The most practical solution people can adopt to help is to reduce–or stop–their meat intake.”

At the Food Movement we have been working on a project to address just this problem. Earth Burger is a plant-based ground beef alternative that is meat free, egg free, soy free, GMO free, and made entirely from yellow pea protein.

We have a Kickstarter in place right now where folks who love to support sustainable small business can pitch in on this effort by making a small contribution.  In addition, backers receive part of the first production run of Earth Burger, as well as cool gifts like t-shirt and the Earth Burger manifesto and recipe guide.

Earth Burger LINE.jpg

Going vegan or even just reducing your meat intake may not save the entire planet. But in addition to helping reduce the demand for beef that contributes to Amazon deforestation – reducing your meat intake has immense potential health benefits.

Additionally, pea protein has benefits such as building muscle and reducing high blood pressure.  It can also support heart health, making it a plant-based protein with lots of added benefits! This is also true of a plant-based diet.  Reducing your meat consumption in general is widely regarded to have a great number of health benefits.

For more info on the health benefits of a vegetarian diet check out this article from UPMC health.

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