Why do I need Vegan Vitamin D3?

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Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) is the bioactive form of the essential nutrient Vitamin D.  For years it was only available as a derivative from sheep’s wool lanolin.  Since 2011 the Food Movement has been offering this essential nutrient in a plant-based form, making Vegan Vitamin D3 a reality!

While your body does make its own D3 in response to exposure to natural sunlight, this amount is negated by sunscreen, busy lifestyles and less than optimal metabolism.  Scientific studies have uncovered a much greater need for supplementation with Vitamin D3 than realized before.

Omega Research, a third party resource, published scientific studies on the benefits of D3. They group, this research into categories of benefit : Bone Health/Falls/Fractures, Cancer, General, Immune Health, Deficiency/Insufficiency,  and Lung Health / Bronchial.


Who thought of that? Looking back at the original Garden Burger

I’m a food geek, I’ll admit it.  And all food geeks have fetishes. Mine is veggie burgers. I’m no longer strictly vegan (sorry internet!) but lately Impossible and Beyond burgers have been my weakness. (Stay tuned for really cool innovations from the Food Movement).


While there have been cool and innovative additions to this category, it is interesting to look back at the original Garden Burger – developed by Paul Wenner in his vegetarian restaurant the Gardenhouse in Gresham, Oregon.

When Gardenburger launched, it essentially created the category of veggie burger.  While it does contain cheese, and was therefore inaccessible to vegans, much as the Moringstar Farms products contained eggs, this was a first in American cuisine. This was the invention of the veggie burger as a commercially viable product!

384941-veggieburgers-gardenburger-original.jpgGardenburger today

In 2012, Wenner launched the Gardenbar, which was documented in The Mail Tribune as Paul Wenner “reinventing himself.”  Paul’s current LinkedIn profile has recently announced”I have a new line of products that I am finishing up this year that will be kicked off with a movie,an informercial, a TV show, and a new book. GardenChef Paul™”

Alkalize 55 benefits humankind as a revolutionary new supplement

ALKALIZE 55 2.jpgBefore macrobiotic pioneer Dr Michio Kushi left the planet and his physical body, he had one last mission he wanted to complete.  He and his family, including his wife Aveline, had started schools, restaurants and stores – written countless texts – and forever changed the course of the investigation of the connection between diet and disease.

Dr. Kushi saw many companies selling “whole food” supplements that were in TRUTH anything but.  He wanted to try to ferment and concentrate the most healing foods on Earth to make a “daily fermented food supplement” that would compliment a multivitamin, probiotic, and other daily nutritional supplements as a strategy for better health.

The Food Movement Company was able to collaborate with the Kushis before Michio’s passing to create a humic/fulvic mineral supplement made with the 55 biodynamic triple-fermented super foods created through Kushi’s work.   The result was Alkalize 55, a daily dose of food and minerals from the Earth designed to promote the health of the microbiome and prolong/enhance human life.   Today the original formula is again available on Amazon, from the Food Movement and in health food stores everywhere.

Today, the original formula is once again being sold in over 400+ independent health food stores (website coming soon!) and direct to consumers at The Food Movement. 

Inbetween this writer’s efforts relaunching Alkalize 55 to the people, I have also been been finalizing a comprehensive book on the subject of humic fulvic minerals and human health – LIVING ORGANIC EARTH – a small part of the research for which is represented on the blog http://www.livingorganicearth.com.  The goal is, as it always has been with true health food folks, to make the world a better place. The revolution, as the people say, has to start somewhere.

There are some controversies around ‘the alkaline diet’ but part of the confusion there centers around a book written by a specific doctor who acted in some suspect ways.