The Food Movement allows Alkalize 55 to be sold through Amazon, but only through health food store customers

Do you remember the story of David & Goliath? Well, it seems independent health food stores are reliving this tale all over again as they battle with the Amazon, Costco and Walmart of the world, both on and offline, in ways they may have never imagined.

The Food Movement Co., makers of the wildly popular Alkalize 55 supplement and Boneless Broth, had sworn never to sell to the business-crushing Amazon.  But a new caveat called Fulfilled by Merchant, allows independent brick and mortar health food stores to actually sell through Amazon.

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Alkalize 55 was developed through the help of the late Dr Michio Kushi, considered one of the founding fathers of macrobiotics.  Recent mail orders to the Food Movement have involved orders of many bottles by the repeat customers.  Afraid that the formula might become unavailable, consumers have rushed to stock up on this amazingly innovative formula.

While other fermented food supplements and products exist (many of them!) it is the precise combo of humic fulvic minerals and 55 triple-fermented foods that makes the formula so powerful.  Originally sold only through naturopathic doctors through Medicatrix Naturae, the health food market has responded extremely favorably to Alkalize 55.

While continuing to support brick and mortar health food stores as an important part of the revolution, Alkalize 55 and other Food Movement products can now be purchased through Amazon, as long as they are sold by an independent brick and mortar health food store.

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  1. Great to see such an innovative formula making its way into the hands of a wider audience. For anyone seeking a superior humic/fulvic minerals formula complemented by nature’s most nutrient dense foods and botanicals; Do not pass go! Do not collect $200! This is the one!

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