New scientific report on fulvic acid : Living Organic Earth free with purchase


Humic fulvic trace minerals have been a fascinating subject for natural health researchers.  They are complex molecules in organic matter (particularly extracts from soil) with contain mineral conjugates of organic acids like humic and fulvic acid.

For years the Food Movement has been offering the highest quality US sourced humic fulvic mineral products.  Originally launching with Whole Earth Minerals, and  followed by other popular related natural health supplements, TFMC has been very active in promoting the research on these organic trace minerals, and spreading this important information.

Research has actually touched on quite a few applications in human health, potentially aiding the digestive system, respiratory, immune and circulatory systems among others.  For a limited time the Food Movement Co. is making their 46-page white paper on humic fulvic conjugates, Living Organic Earth : humic fulvic conjugates and human health Pt. 1, available for free with the purchase of any of their products containing humic fulvic minerals :





It is definitely worth checking out if you’re interested in the subject (or just in good health) and when you use code FREESHIPPING at checkout – you pay nothing for shipping.


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