Bullet Proof Fish Oil? Why Krill may be a misfire.



You would have to been under a rock to have not heard of “Bullet Proof Coffee” and perhaps you won’t be surprised to know that the inventor has written a book called the “Bullet Proof Diet”.

However when it comes to supplements there may be some holes in the program.  One potentially misguided recommendation of the author, who recommends relying on ‘good fats’ such as MCTs in coconut oil and grass-fed butter, may be the recommendation of Krill Oil over Omega-3 Fish Oil supplements.

Krill Oil is often hyped up for its superior absorption – due to the phospholipid aspect of this product.  However the harvesting of Krill itself is considered unsustainable and Whole Foods, as well as other environmentally-minded businesses, refuses to stock it. The cost to consumers of Krill vs Fish Oil is also a TREMENDOUS difference. In many cases, because Krill is ridiculously more expensive – users end up taking LESS than the amount of Omega-3 EPA & DHA that they need. Who cares if it is 5% more bioavailable, or more likely, more quickly absorbed because of the phospholipids (which is certainly debatable) – if consumers erroneously believe that they are getting enough EPA& DHA.  Most of us need a good deal more than just 500 mg – no matter how well it is absorbed! Triglycerides have a definite advantage over Ethyl Esters in this respect, but still the dosage required is RAISED by Americans ongoing love affair with Omega-6! (On this we and BulletProof Posse can agree).

On his blog, the author – Dave Asprey is big on promoting Krill writes “The EPA and DHA in fish oil, on the other hand, are typically packaged as triglycerides and have to undergo additional processing in order to make them bioavailable. Krill oil is also more stable because it includes astaxanthin, a powerful antioxidant, that protects the fragile fats from oxidizing.” A search of pub med failed to turn up any research to support this claim.  Author’s note : I will be glad to print a retraction if anyone can point me to this research but I won’t be holding my breath.  Krill has all too often failed to live up to hype manufacturers have surrounded it with.

One great solution if you really want phospholipids – look at Nordic Naturals’ Omega-3 Phospolipids.  Personally I’m more partial to their excellent Cold Liver Oil (I take the Arctic-D with added Vitamin D3 – a potent antioxidant AND essential nutrient.  Read up on some of the downside of Krill and you too may be looking for a great alternative!

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