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by Rob Seeman official blogger of the health food movement

CBD now available as a dietary supplement : the Hemp Movement

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I have to tell you folks, today is a good day.  Because I can officially announce to you that CBD (cannabidiol) from Hemp is now available to health food stores as a dietary supplement.  The Food Movement is just unveiling its brand new product Super Hemp CBD for sale into the health food store market, and even has its own brand new Facebook page.  As we line up our very first customer – we have reason to think there may be a very special guest on hand to purchase the first bottle. But more on that to come!


TFM Super Hemp CBD

Because the Food Movement only works with top-level GMP compliant vetted suppliers, there had to be some thorough research done to ensure that a properly quality-controlled and legal product could be made.  Thanks to our friend Stuart Tomc (formerly with Nordic Naturals fish oils) the current Vice-President of Human Nutrition at CannaVest, we have been able to do just that.

What can I tell you about CBD? I can tell you that in the UK they fear they will have to wait years and years for their version of Pharma to make it available despite positive human clinical trials for various health conditions.  In the US, it has been somewhat conflated with the medical marijuana issue, as pot does contain CBD, as well as the psychoactive CBD.  Super Hemp CBD, made with CannaVest’s CBD Plus oil is groundbreaking because it has 0% THC.  Or, as the National Cancer institute website notes “CBD, in particular, is thought to have significant analgesic and anti-inflammatory activity without the psychoactive effect (high) of delta-9-THC.”

There are a lot of very beneficial dietary supplements on the market today, but CBD is hands down one of the most exciting to come across in years.  The Hemp Movement has finally been able to win this (no small) victory in making Super Hemp CBD available to the general public without a prescription or without legal concerns raised by marijuana.

On a sobering DSHEA-compliant note, the double-edge sword of the dietary supplement market is that we can market natural products, but very often the view is taken that we can’t SAY very much without being accused of making illegal health claims or misbranding a therapeutic drug as a dietary supplement.  It is hard to argue with ANY tact that makes valuable natural medicine available to folks such as those suffering from pediatric seizure disorders.  So, the Hemp Movement lives to fight another day as we give consumers more options to access beneficial substances which may support the structure and function of their human body, which is a natural healer all in itself.


Author: Rob Seeman

I write about natural health, mostly because I am continually amazed by the wealth of healing compounds in nature. Surely such gifts are to be appreciated, and to be enjoyed. Salud!

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