How are the fish doing in Peru?

happy_cartoon_fish.32862038_stdApparently they are doing very well!  In a report that would make the Marine Stewardship Council proud -Peru’s Production Ministry has announced that their stocks of anchovies (the small fish with a huge amount of Omega-3 efa’s) have rebounded.

The new anchovy quotas have just been announced from Peru.  Biomass levels are at their highest since 1995, with a total quota of 2.05 million tons for the May-July fishing season.

This has been a concern, as overfishing and irresponsible practices had in the past plaqued the region.  Peru has, by many accounts, been a model of pro-active sustainability – working diligently with industry and academia to correct the problems in their environment.  The results, as you can read, have been a big success.

Thank goodness Proctor & Gamble and Monsanto haven’t ruined the entire natural world just yet.

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