Chicago Natural Medicine Conference Planned for April, 2013

This is going to come out in a press release, but I thought I would put it out here for internet friends and others.

Whole Earth Marketing is announcing a 2-day Natural Medicine conference for April of 2013 to be held in Chicago.  If you have an interest in herbalism, homeopathy, nutrtional therapy, raw food lifestyle and preparation, yoga or other natural healing modalities, please follow us on (soon to be updated to — it is a long story!)

At any rate, we have felt there was a longtime void of good solid unbiased information that was neither marketing-driven nor horribly expensive.  Herb Fest was put on Frontier Co-op in Iowa for a number of years, but eventually became too big of an event for them to sustain.

The foremost concern in planning, so far, has been NO SHORTAGE of available amazing speakers (thankfully) from throughout the industry; but the logstics of arranging accomodations. Or, as some genius asked ‘Where the heck are we going to put all these people?’

If you’re interested in receiving more info(as it evolves) please e-mail

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