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Arsenic in the Apple Juice? Natural health celebrities face off

Watching my favorite morning news show, Windy City Live, at the gym this morning, I caught an interesting tidbit about a sort of ‘war of words’ between natural health celebrities Dr. Oz and Dr. Gupta.  I just had to laugh.

Apparently, the controversy surrounds reported incidents of high levels of arsenic in Apple Juice.  Now, there is no doubt that contamination, particularly of imported fruit from countries with lower environmental standards, may be an issue.  Dr. Gupta had, apparently, attacked Dr Oz because he felt that the wizard himself may have been trying to “scare parents.” (Hey excuse me, but, as a parent — if this is the ‘scary’ truth; I for one would like to know it!)

I’m disappointed to say, that what neither expert seemed to bring to light is the importance of Organic Agriculture.  That is how we avoid these things! By protecting the integrity of the food supply, gentlemen.  These issues should not be news to you, let’s get focused on the real problem of food being contaminated with chemicals.

(There is also an important distinction between organic and inorganic arsenic, which you can read more about here.)